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- Multifunctional: This keyless entry alarm kit allows you to start   or stop the car engine, open trunk, lock car doors, etc.


- Safe method: This engine start stop controller also can lock the   engine, so others can't start the car when the door is locked.
 Useful design: This keyless entry remote control set makes you   can easily find your car by following the alarm sound.


- Automatic: This engine start stop set will automatically open     the door lock when the key is near 1.5 to 3 meters of the door,   and will lock the door when leave 3 to 5 meters of the door.


- Bluetooth-compatible: This keyless entry alarm set also support   mobile phone APP to control the door and trunk lock, and   engine start and stop.


Material: ABS+metal.
Voltage: 12V.

Alarm response time: 5s.
Control method: Remote control, phone bluetooth-compatible APP.
Remote control battery: Button battery(Included).


Package Includes:
- 1 x Piece Host(with 1 Piece Start Harness

- 1 x Piece Function Harness

- 1 x Piece Rest Harness1 Piece Start Button

- 2 x Pieces Remote Controllers

- 1 x Piece Bluetooth-compatible Module)

Car Keyless Entry Engine Start / Remote Start Kit

GST Included
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