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Introducing our Car Door Sill Protector Edge Sticker: a sleek and practical solution for your car's exterior and interior. Crafted from high-quality 5D Carbon Fiber material, this DIY Bumper Guard Strip not only adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle but also ensures superior protection against unsightly scratches.


Key Features:

Enhanced Style: Elevate your car's appearance with this door sill protector. Perfect for both interior and exterior decoration, it adds a unique and cool vibe to your vehicle.

Ultimate Protection: Safeguard your car's original paint from scratches and abrasions. This protector acts as a sturdy shield, ensuring your vehicle looks as good as new for years to come.

Easy Maintenance: Designed with convenience in mind, this protector is water-resistant and can be effortlessly cleaned with water and soap, maintaining its luster without hassle.

Removable and Safe: Worried about damaging your car's paint? Fear not! This protector is removable and leaves no trace, ensuring your car remains pristine.Specifications:

Color: Black

Material: 5D Carbon Fiber

Size: 5cm x 5M

Installation Tips:

Prepare the Surface: Before application, thoroughly clean the surface for optimal adhesion.

Remove Wax: If your car has been recently waxed, ensure to remove the wax before sticking the protector.

Professional Touch: For a longer service life, heat the sticker using a hair dryer or professional heat gun.

Smooth Application: Use a soft rubber squeegee to effortlessly smooth out bubbles and wrinkles, ensuring a seamless finish.

Wait Before Washing: After application, avoid washing your car for the first 24 hours to allow the protector to securely adhere.

Upgrade your car's style and protection with our Car Door Sill Protector Edge Sticker. Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality for your vehicle!

5D carbon fibre Car Door Sill Protector

GST Included
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