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2.5" Muffler Electric Sound Controlled, the ultimate solution for those who want to switch between a quiet street mode and a loud race mode. With a small butterfly valve and electric motor, you can easily transform your vehicle's exhaust note with just the push of a button. The innovative design allows for complete control over the sound of your vehicle, giving you the flexibility to change the tone depending on your driving needs. Made from high-quality materials, this electric sound controlled muffler is built to last and will provide you with years of reliable performance. Upgrade your driving experience with the 2.5" Muffler Electric Sound Controlled and enjoy the best of both worlds - quiet cruising and powerful racing sound.



Material: High Quality Stainless Steel

Inlet Tip Diameter 2.5" inch

Outlet Tip Diameter 2.5" inch


Package Includes:

1* Exhaust Muffler

1* Set Hard Wire Installation Accessories

2.5" Muffler Electric Sound Controlled

GST Included
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