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The TPU Colour Changing Headlight Tint Film is the perfect solution for adding style and protection to your car headlights. The high quality TPU material ensures excellent durability that can withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance. Not only is the film self-adhesive and stretchable, but it can also change color with light intensity, transitioning from clear color to a darker tint. With dimensions of 30CM x 150CM, the TPU Colour Changing Headlight Tint Film is easy to install and perfect for any car owner looking to add some visual appeal to their vehicle.



- Color:

Transparency To Black

Transparency To Purple

- Material: TPU

- Size: 30CM*150CM

- Stretchable with heat and water resistant.

- Easily cleansed with water and easy to remove without residual.

- Protect the car light from scratches.

-Suitable for Heaglight / Taillight / Fog Light


Packege Includes:

1 * Headlights Tint Vinyl Film

TPU Colour Changing Headlight Tint Film 30CM x 150CM

GST Included
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