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This Rainbow Chase Under glow is the perfect way to light up your car with a stunning multicolour display.


- Size: 150CM X 120CM


-Bluetooth App control (App Name "Sun Home ") App control range up to 10 Metres


- DIY colour mode / 32 colour chase mode style


- Adjustable brightness / Adjustable colour chase Speed


-Sound Active: The  underglow light is equipped with sound sensors that lets the lights synchronized with music beat.The music light strip follows the beat and adjusts flashing to fit the strength of the sound.


- IP68 Waterproof light strips ( Electric box isn't waterproof)



-Voltage: 12V

-Output Power: 10W

-Number of Strips: 4 

-Material: PVC

-Life time: 30,000 hours


Package Included : 4 Pieces of strips / remote 



Rainbow Chase Under glow App control 150CM X 120CM

GST Included
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